Opening the curtains today, I looked out on another lovely Spring morning — the ideal weather for a gentle cycle ride around the Cambridge and Ely countryside.

Ely Cathedral in the early morning

The only trouble is, since August of last year, the view from my flat is no longer over Ely Cathedral or over the River Cam … but over the somewhat busier streets of south London.

So, I’m looking for someone to find and write up new cycle rides for this website! Over the past month, more than 1000 different people have visited this site, and about a quarter of those were people who’d been here before. I always enjoy reading the comments that everyone leaves — it’s a great way to discover interesting places to potter around, on a lazy weekend afternoon.

Cycling through a puddle

If you live near Cambridge or Ely, and enjoy exploring the area and reading up about the curiosities that you pass, then please do get in touch — just leave a comment on this post in the first instance, and I’ll drop you a note back by email. The ideal solution would be to post contributions from a number of different authors — I can put together the interactive maps, and slot in any photos that you take. It’d be great to hear from you; in the meantime, happy cycling!