Fenland Rides

Cycle rides around Cambridge and Ely

When I first moved to Cambridgeshire, I was keen to find an excuse to get outside and explore its fantastic scenery. Building Fenland Rides was my way of doing this, and it’s great to find that it’s still helping other folk find interesting places to explore.

Bike at sunset.

Photo courtesy of K_man (freeimages.com)

I no longer live in Cambridge, and it’s a little time-consuming to maintain this blog: it uses some legacy code that makes it hard to keep WordPress up-to-date, and I’ve increasingly been having to fend off a lot of attempted spam in the comments. A lot of people still get here after continue reading…

From: Cambridge Regional College.
Distance: 24 miles round trip.
Summary: Visiting the market town of St Ives along the route of the new Cambridge busway.

The map below is interactive — you can zoom in, move it around, see a satellite view, etc.

Building a route for guided buses in Cambridge began in 2007, using the path of the former Cambridge and Huntingdon railway. The engineers building the busway faced a number of construction and contractual difficulties, but the track was eventually continue reading…

Opening the curtains today, I looked out on another lovely Spring morning — the ideal weather for a gentle cycle ride around the Cambridge and Ely countryside.

Ely Cathedral in the early morning

The only trouble is, since August of last year, the view from my flat is no longer over Ely Cathedral or over the River Cam … but over the somewhat busier streets of south London.

So, I’m looking for someone to find and write up new cycle rides for this website! Over the past month, continue reading…

A memorial at the American CemeteryAfter the Second World War, the US Government created twelve military cemeteries in Europe, to form the final resting place for US citizens who had died during the conflicts. The American Cemetery at Madingley is the only one of these in the British Isles. It occupies over thirty acres of land, donated by the University, overlooking quiet Cambridgeshire countryside.

Beautifully landscaped, it’s somewhere I would thoroughly recommend visiting. It’s all too easy not to visit significant sites such as this when you’re a local, but my Coton, Hardwick and Comberton cycle route passes by the back of the continue reading…