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World War II pillbox with trees behind

Hidden amongst the undergrowth, just a mile northwest of the village of Prickwillow, lies this derelict World War II pillbox. 28,000 of these were built across the British countryside in 1940-41, when Germany was making plans to invade the United Kingdom. Today, fewer than 6,000 remain, silent relics of a continue reading…

Cycling in the Fens can be very tiring on a breezy day… Spot today’s wind direction from the GPS trace of this afternoon’s bike ride…!

Ely via Little Downham and Coveney, colourised for speed

I’ll probably write this ride up at some point — it’s a pleasant route through farming land, with very few cars. I see from my web logs though that (unsurprisingly) people find Cambridge-oriented routes most helpful: if you have any suggestions for short lunchtime cycle rides to add to the site, do leave me a note in the comments — thanks!

From: South Ely.

Distance: 11 miles.

Summary: Horse racing and tractor washing.

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It’s often hard to find decent byways along which to cycle. However knowledge of their locations can interconnect roads that otherwise require vast detours, so opening up a number of interesting possible routes. One example can be found near the village of Prickwillow, where a byway runs alongside the pretty River Lark to join the riverside road leading to Littleport. continue reading…

From: Central Cambridge.

Distance: 19 miles.

Summary: Open country views, but wear something reflective!

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Given the flat land to the north of Cambridge, a leisurely visit to Ely is best done by bike. There are three obvious routes to Ely — this is the scenic route, along the back roads. The cycle through open countryside gives you fantastic views, but it’s strongly advisable to wear something reflective (and perhaps have your rear light switched on) so that drivers can see you some distance away on these long, straight roads. continue reading…